Bike and Body 90/90 MOT

Re-calibrate bike and body and make sure they are working in perfect harmony

Dan And Tom

The Bike+Body 90/90 MOT re-calibrates the interface between you and your bike, we focus on the four contact points, body posture and pedal technique to make sure that you are perfectly aligned, efficient and comfortable on your bike. We will spend 90 minutes with you in the Cyclefit studio and our mechanics will lavish 90 minutes of care on your bike. The combined 180 minutes will give you supreme confidence that body and bike are ready for anything the season brings. Each session includes a 10% DISCOUNT on all parts, accessories, shoes and footbeds needed for the session.

Bar Tape

Body MOT

Interview to review fitness and recent and future riding
Fexibility review
Lower limb strength test
Examine shoes and cleats for wear
Examine footbeds for wear
Recommendations for footwear or footbeds if needed
Adjust cleats to ensure position is correct to avoid injury
Saddle Pressure Analysis
Pedalling and posture advice

Bike MOT

Your bike is put on the indoor trainer and measurements compared to the original Cyclefit
Check for worn parts
Are new components fitted correctly
Riding position re-assessed, adjustments made to improve comfort or performance
Recommendations made for new parts or upgrades
Can the bike be improved with gearing or component changes?
Bike is booked in to the workshop for full service and clean
£250 London / 180 min

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