Parlee Cycles

Bob Parlee has elevated his award-winning Boston company to the world-leader in custom carbon in a little over 20 years


"Water’s just like air, only thicker"

Bob Parlee

The Parlee Bicycle Company - Beverly, Massachusetts

Bob Parlee moved from designing boats to bicycles only twenty two years ago. But quite long enough to secure the reputation as the ultimate engineer's engineer. Bob didn't so much learn on the job as re-express his decades as a carbon craftsman in the seven tubes of a bicycle frame. We remember being mesmerised by the sheer craftsmanship and innovation of the first Parlee Z1 frame in 2001. But what impressed us most was Parlee's guiding principle that his frames should be 'efficient' even though he was and is a carbon-fibre specialist and therefore 'lightweight'. For Bob Parlee, class-leading weight was an assumed and unintended consequence from doing things properly. This at a time when Bob was building bikes for Tyler Hamilton (badged Look), to ride Giro d'Italia, that weighed 5.2kg! Some of the best known Tour de France riders beat a path to Bob's door, hoping for a custom Parlee re-painted in their sponsor's livery.

Parlee tm 4

Tyler Hamilton's 2002 Giro Look (made by Parlee)

Parlee3 2

Parlee Z1 - a classic the moment it launched

Parlee Today

Parlee is still a small and dedicated team based on the East Coast. And they still delight in hand-crafting beautiful bicycle frames. In 2016 Parlee infused their DNA in to a stock range of bikes - the Chebacco is now their most popular model. Followed in 2020 by their unfeasibly light RZ7 aero frame.


Parlee Chebacco LE - pick your adventure

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Parlee RZ7 LE Aero - more watts, less grams

"For Bob Parlee, class-leading weight was merely an assumed and unintended consequence from doing things properly"

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Parlee Z-Zero - express yourself. But not necessarily like this. Ahem.

Parlee at Cyclefit

Parlee bikes and frames are now available from Cyclefit. In fact, we do have a long relationship with Parlee - we used to represent them in our old Manchester shop. It is great for Parlee and Cyclefit to be together again. Please call or email to chat about your new Parlee bicycle.

What our clients say

  • "Thanks very much Phil. Did an 80 mile sportive yesterday on the road bike - perfect set up thanks; I've never been so comfortable, and no after effects! Cheers, Ian "

    Ian T.

    Time-Triallist (70+)

  • "Cyclefit provide a great personalised service that focuses on giving you exactly what you need. They are extremely knowledgable and friendly and no request/requirement is too difficult for them."


    Cyclist & triathlete

  • "Julian was very knowledgeable and explained the fitting process very well. He came highly recommended and i completely agree. Very happy with the service. Instantly felt better on the bike. The pain i had in my knee went away right away. "


    Recreational cyclist

  • "A highly personalized and very friendly service, giving good advice and adjustments that are helpful whatever level of cyclist you are."



  • "A very thorough, professional and personal service. I was keen to analyse my bike position after breaking my hip. The custom footbeds and alterations to my position feel really good, just wish I’d come sooner! Many thanks"


    Endurance MTB rider