Enve Melee

New Colours for 2024 - Blue with Enve!

Melee 24 blue2

Blue with Enve for 2024

Melee 24 black2

Fly under the radar with stealth black for '24

Melee 24 grey2

Original grey carries forward from 2023

Melee 24 mixed

Or just maybe an Enve-combo?

"The Melee is a no holds barred modern race bike built specifically to meet the performance demands of the discipline"

Jake Pantone - Enve VP of Product and Brand

Enve Melee

When you are sector leaders in carbon wheels & components, you know expectation is quite rightly going to be vertigo inducing. Enve have put their whole reputation on the line with the Melee - if they can't do something original and epoch-shifting with the black weave, then put simply, nobody can.

Good (Carbon) Genes

Enve knew this had to be a benchmark chassis. The world is looking. The set-in point for their first frame was to use a full monocoque construction (i.e. one piece). This allows them to optimise performance metrics such as weight v's stiffness as well as control radical tube-shapes.

Real World Fast

This really impressed us - an aero bike with clearance for 35mm tyres. All because Enve know that the contemporary pilot wants to take their hi-mod carbon chassis onto mixed surfaces, albeit once in a while. In the same breath the bike had to have speed and aerodynamics soaked into its bones - hence a notable minimal frontal area, Kamm-tailed tube shapes, and full front-end integration.

System Integration

I am sure most of us are would run Enve wheels in our Enve chassis. But for the avoidance of any doubt Enve created Melee’s tube shapes to compliment their own SES™ rim design. The wind-tunnel shows that the airflow transitions seamlessly from wheel to frame surfaces to ensure a fast and stable ride in any conditions.

Building your Melee

Our experts can help you select the correctly sized frame and components and advise you on the most suitable components for your style of riding.

You can order the Melee frameset from our online store and we can advise and provide the correctly sized components.

If you would like more info please contact us , our Enve demo bikes are on display at our Fire Station branch.

The Enve cockpit

The Melee frame chassis is supplied with Enve's in-route stem, handlebars and seatpost. We usually fit the Enve AR or Enve road handlebar to the Melee.

Enve wheels

There are several wheel options; the 45 and 65 are Enve's entry level wheels (a bit cheeky at £1,800.00) and are 45mm and 65mm deep respectively, the deeper th rim the more aero it is at higher speeds and therefore quicker but the overall weight increases. The Enve 45 is the most popular with our customer base as it is more versatile.

Enve's flagship wheels are the SES range available with Enve and Chris King hubs. The numbers in the model name denote the depth of the rims: for instance 20mm on the font and 30mm on the rear wheel.

The SES 2.3 is the shallowest wheelset making it the lightest at 1274 grams and better for climbing; the SES 3.4 wheelset is the 'all-rounder' and most popular as it offers aero capabilities but is still light enough at 1455 grams to tackle the high mountains. The SES 4.5 gets more areo and the SES 6.7 is the boss when it comes to aerodynamic attributes, but you would need to be a fairly strong rider to use these on a daily basis.

More info HERE on Enve wheels

Groupset, saddle and tyres and accessories.

The Melee is compatible with all disc brake groupsets except 2x mechanical gear systems. We can advise you on the best groupset to suit your riding and your budget; complete Enve Melee with Enve 45 wheels and a Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset would be in the region of £9,800.00.

"Melee is made using various forms of uni-directional carbon fibre. The fibre weights, and fibre angles used in the laminate are manipulated to achieve zone specific performance"

Jake Pantone - Enve VP of Product and Brand
Melee Details grey 017
Melee Details grey 018

£5500.00 Frame, forks, seatpost & integrated handlebar and stem

Melee Spec

  • Constructed using uni-directional carbon fibre
  • Monocoque design
  • Available in seven sizes - 47, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60
  • Additional personalization and tuning - you can select ENVE SES™ wheelset - maximum weight savings, ENVE’s SES 2.3, for versatility, a pair of SES 3.4, or for max-aero SES 4.5 or SES 6.7.
  • 35mm max tyre clearance - multi road surface compatibility
  • T47 Bottom Bracket
  • Real-World Fast aero philosophy and technology
  • Colour - Damascus (pictured) only
  • Frame weight - 850 grams
Melee Details grey 021

Enve in-route stem

Melee Details grey 023

Enve SES AR handlebars - AR = all-road!

Melee Details grey 038

T47 threaded bottom bracket

Melee Details grey 035

Slippery tubing profiles

Melee Frame 002

A beautifuly balanced frame - form and function in one

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  • "Julian was very knowledgeable and explained the fitting process very well. He came highly recommended and i completely agree. Very happy with the service. Instantly felt better on the bike. The pain i had in my knee went away right away. "


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  • "Cyclefit offers an in-depth and highly personalised approach to bike sales. Whatever your riding discipline (for me it’s road, gravel and MTB) the team in Covent Garden will find the right build for you. All this is built around a pro level bike fit and detailed component selection. Add to this the important items often overlooked beyond the bike itself such as shoes, insoles and saddle pressure mapping and it’s a full service operation."


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