Seven 622XX with Enve In-route Integration

Peter's 622XX floats effortlessly in space. And what that takes to achieve.

Peter Seven622 XX24

Photographed by Cyclefit Store Street Manager, Cathal

Peter's Seven 622XX with Enve In-Route

Peter's breathtaking Seven 622XX represents a multitude of firsts.
The first Enve In-Route custom Seven ever delivered to a client in Europe, possibly the world. It is also the first bike that we have snapped at our brand new Cyclefit photographic studio in Bloomsbury. And the first photo-shoot by Cyclefit Store Street Manager and head of creative, Cathal!

The flawless minimalist monochrome optical-white and natural titanium aesthetic belies a precise and complicated fabrication, blending filament-wound carbon-fibre tubes and ultra-butted 3-2.5 titanium lugs. Seven select and then engineer their tubes based on the riders: weight, riding-style and preference.

We are so proud of this bike. It shows Seven and Cyclefit enjoying working together at their best. It takes a huge amount of wisdom and hard-work below the waterline to make a custom bicycle of such assured quietness on the surface.

Bravo Seven, Jimmy, Barna, Cathal, and of course Peter for trusting the team.

Peter Seven622 XX8

Seven is known to make the best stays in the industry

Peter Seven622 XX7

Snaking XX chainstays are ultra butted - 7/8ths or 1"

Peter Seven622 XX5

Enve In-Route bar/stem/fork

Peter Seven622 XX13 2

... and how it appears from the front

"It takes a huge amount of wisdom and hard-work below the waterline to make a custom bicycle of such assured quietness on the surface"

Peter Seven622 XX16

Peter's Seven 622XX - Seven, Jimmy (bike-fit & design/CAD), Barna (mechanic) & Cathal (photos) all at the top of their game.

Peter Seven622 XX26

Optical white show-thru on lazer-cut titanium lugs

Peter Seven622 XX25

Ditto. Absolutely not a job for a novice. Effortlessly beautiful

Peter Seven622 XX21

The effect is of a bike sculpted from a billet of metal

Peter Seven622 XX22

Oversized externally machined T47 XX BB (saves 60g SL)

Technical Spec

Frame Seven 622XX - full-custom triple-butted US milled 3Al-2.5V titanium & filament-wound carbon
Fork Enve RD in-Route
Groupset SRAM Red AXS
Bar/Stem/Seatpost Enve carbon
Wheels Enve 3.4 SES with Chris King hubs
Tyres Continental GP5000 - 28mm
Saddle Selle Italia SLR
bar-tape Enve

"Jimmy (bike-fit/design), Barna (build) & Cathal (photos) - a team at the top of their game"

Cathal3 2

Cathal - 1st bike out of our new Cyclefit Studio

Peter Seven622 XX20

Anyone would think he has done this before

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