Seven Cycles. One Bike x Three

Three clients have the same idea. An iconic bike to match our times. A Seven-One-Bike.

One bike3

Sign of the times? Three clients with the same idea, based on - simplicity, versatility and craftsmanship.

Mathematics 101 - Seven x 3 x 1 = Timeless Perfection

It could be a coincidence that these three bikes were conceived around the same time. But I don't think it is. All of these clients wanted a timeless bike that would never falter or be out of place - roads, mountains, trails, commuting in the rain and sleet or even riding around a continent. The key and operative term here is of course 'timeless'. And timeless always equals titanium. These clients all chose Campagnolo's intriguing Ekar 1 x 13 groupset. maybe because of the bullet-proof reputation, maybe because of the astonishing gearing options or six gears with only 1 cog jump or because it will never need charging as you cross a muddy bog?

"The key and operative term here is of course 'timeless'. And timeless always equals titanium"

One Bike 15 2

1 x for Simon - likely to be found riding The King Alfred Way. In deepest November. With a 1-man bivvie-bag

"With no fanfare and extreme modesty, Simon rides industrial mileage"

Doctor's Orders

We have quite a few doctors who are clients and friends. Ironically there seems to be an extreme thread runs through them all and that binds them together. When they are not fixing other people's bodies, they especially keen to be out in the wilderness turning theirs inside out. Simon is no exception. With no fanfare and extreme modesty, Simon rides industrial mileage. Everywhere and anywhere. I have no doubt the bike we have built will be crossing continents, in the wilderness, in extreme temperatures. This bike was designed to never fail. And at the same time as never failing, convey craftsmanship and function for every damn kilometre it is being ridden. It is the kind of project that we love!
If you ever find yourself riding next to Simon, my recommendation is you turn around, It will already be a long ride home.

One Bike 18 2

You are safe to proceed to your adventure.

One Bike 19 2

King Ti cages. 3AL:2.5V US Ti tubing. All's well.

One Bike 1 2

We don't often paint ti bikes. But they always stand out! An (all-road) Axiom XX for Francis in Goldfish Orange.

The Future's (Goldfish) Orange

Francis's bike (unlike Simon and Matthew's - does there to be a biblical link here?) does not have mudguard mounts but it could still sneak in a 35mm tyre thanks to a 420mm chainstay length and Enve Allroad fork. The road-focussed Axiom XX exudes unfussy class and sophistication from the 1x 13 Ekar and Shamal wheels through to the Deda finishing kit.

"Light, elegant, fast and virtually indestructible"

One Bike 6 2

Asymmetric chainstays are part of XX programme

One Bike 2 2

Light, elegant, fast and virtually indestructible.

One Bike 9 2

Matthew's versatile Axiom XX. Part winter-commuter. Part summer Alpine, col-crusher. Wholly exquisite.

"As good on the backside of Col du Galibier in high summer as it is on a diesel-strewn Camden High Road in mid-December"

Swiss-Army Bike. Swiss time-piece craftsmanship.

When we conceived this bike with and for Matthew, the main criteria quickly bubbled up to the surface; simplicity, future-proof, multi-faceted performance. As good on the backside of Col du Galibier in high summer as it is on a diesel-strewn Camden High Road in mid-December. Is that even possible? Plus the bike must run between services with very little maintenance and clean up as good as new after 60,000km. Oh yes and once or twice a month accept a set of 35mm trail tyres and head off-road. So far Matthew is reporting positively in all briefs. Phew!

One Bike 13 2

Minimalist design & function from Seven & Campag

One Bike 11 2

We commission Firefly Posts & clamp for our XX builds

One Bike 12 2

T47 BB and flawless Seven welding epitomise all of these bikes.

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What our clients say

  • "Hey Julian and Phil, I hope you are both well. I just completed a 21 hour week on my new 165mm cranks and I am in love. They feel so so great! Thank you for all your help. I’ve never felt so comfortable on my bike before. All the best, Hannah"

    Hannah Barnes

    National Champion / Professional Bike Rider

  • "Cyclefit offers an in-depth and highly personalised approach to bike sales. Whatever your riding discipline (for me it’s road, gravel and MTB) the team in Covent Garden will find the right build for you. All this is built around a pro level bike fit and detailed component selection. Add to this the important items often overlooked beyond the bike itself such as shoes, insoles and saddle pressure mapping and it’s a full service operation."


    Self-confessed MAMIL

  • "A highly personalized and very friendly service, giving good advice and adjustments that are helpful whatever level of cyclist you are."



  • "Rode my standard Box Hill loop this morning with the temp shims and more thought to position. Felt more connected and compact on the bike. Fastest ride of the year, picked up close to a km/per hour despite crappy wet pot holed roads, a ton of traffic and a couple of nights out Thu/Fri."

    Matt H

    Seven Evergreen SL

  • "Thanks very much Phil. Did an 80 mile sportive yesterday on the road bike - perfect set up thanks; I've never been so comfortable, and no after effects! Cheers, Ian "

    Ian T.

    Time-Triallist (70+)