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If you have any ambition to ride a bike to the best of your ability, this is where you need to start

Our Cyclefit services

A professional bike fitting can help...

  • optimise your riding position
  • minimise the risk of injury
  • improve efficiency
  • smooth your pedal stroke
  • make your cycling more enjoyable
  • find a bike that best suits you

We have developed our bike fitting protocol over the last fifteen years working with Doctors, Professors, physios and all types of cyclists. We treat all our clients equally no matter what there ability.

"Couldn’t recommend enough, since my fit I’ve been faster and more comfortable on my bike than I thought possible!"

Cyclefit with Saddle Pressure Mapping

The UK's most comprehensive and detailed bike fitting service for Road, MTB, Track, Cyclocross, Triathlon and Time Trial bikes. Suitable for cyclists of all levels, every rider can benefit from the knowledge of our highly trained and experienced bike fitters. Saddle pressure mapping is included in the Cyclefit to locate hotspots on the saddle and objectively assess adjustments to improve comfort and stability; it will also objectively assess any pelvic asymmetry and the possible bio-mechanical causes.

£350.00 2.5 hrs


  • Interview

    We aim to understand as much as possible about you, your life and your cycling. Knowing your future aspirations and current cycling limitations help us determine your bike position based on your type, volume/intensity and level of riding.

  • Physical evaluation

    Body measurements, stability and flexibility assessments will help us build a picture of your individual bio-mechanics and physical conditioning prior to riding on the Fit Bike. Particular attention is paid to understanding feet as a correctly adjusted shoe/pedal interface can improve pedalling dynamics, performance and comfort.

  • Four-camera Dartfish Motion Analysis

    Dartfish's sophisticated software records a rider's every movement and can measure leg extension and track key points of movement. Before during and after the analysis is recorded. A very important aspect for the customer is the ability to view their posture and pedalling dynamics.

  • Fully adjustable Fit Bike for dynamic fitting

    The Fit Bike allows the Cyclefit Technican to adjust a rider's position without compromising to a frame's limitations; millimetre accurate adjustments can be made while the rider is pedaling. No on-and-off and stop start. Smooth fast, accurate, repeatable and recordable adjustments.

  • Computrainer Pedal stroke analysis

    Wired into the Fit Bike is RacerMate's Computrainer. The Computrainer provides the variable resistance and most importantly the Spinscan. The Spinscan shows the technician when and where the power is applied during the pedal stroke and which leg is doing the most work.

  • Foot assessment and cleat adjustments

    Your Cyclefit Technician will measure the size of your feet, forefoot angle and arch height and advise on the correct shoe design. The pedal cleats will be set in the correct position and adjustments made to ensure opitmum performance.

  • GebioMized saddle pressure mapping

    Pressure Mapping provides objective feedback, enabling us to make small, precise adjustments and interventions to optimise your connection with the bike and making it an all-round more enjoyable ride

  • New Bike Rebate: £150.00 for bikes from £2,000.00 and up to £3,000.00, £250.00 up to £5,000.00 Full £350.00 rebate above £5,000.00.

+ Cyclefit Add-ons

Sidas Custom Footbeds

Improve foot comfort, knee tracking and pedal stroke with custom footbeds for your cycling shoes.


Additional Cyclefit Position

For those who would like to determine an additional position for another cycling discipline during your Cyclefit appointment.

£100.00 1 hr

Bioracer Aero Virtual Wind Tunnel

Watts per CDA is the New Watts per KG! Optimise your road position in our virtual wind-tunnel.

£150.00 1.5 hrs

Laurine van Riessen

What to expect

Before your fit

You should wear your cycle clothing, preferably lycra so we can put markers on you and see your profile. Please bring your cycling shoes as well. You can use our changing facilities if you wish. You will spend most of the session on our Fit Bike; you are welcome to bring your own bike with you too as we can use this as a reference and adjust it after your Cyclefit.

During your fit


The Interview

We aim to understand as much as possible about you, your life and your cycling and any injuries or discomfort. Knowing your future aspirations and current limitations will help us determine your bike position based on your body type and frequency/intensity/level of riding.


Physical Evaluation

Body measurements, stability and flexibility assessments will help us build a picture of your individual bio-mechanics and physical conditioning, Particular attention is paid to understanding your feet as a correctly adjusted shoe/pedal interface can improve pedalling dynamics, performance and comfort.


Injury/Pain Concerns

We will spend time exploring any past or current injury or discomfort history both on and off the bike. This helps us to understand what we may find during the physical evaluation or during the on-bike analysis.


Position Analysis

You will be on the Fit Bike for up to an hour with a process of adjustments to saddle and handlebar position taking place in order to determine your optimal position.Your Cyclefit Technician will advise on posture and pedalling technique.


Bike Set-up

At the end of your Cyclefit we will adjust your bike to reflect your new position and advise and/or fit any new components needed to achieve this. Your shoes and cleats will be adjusted ready to ride.

After your fit

You'll receive a full report at the end of your session, including our observations and recommendations, as well as all the measurements you need to set up any bike to your recommended optimal position.

All data and videos will be kept safe in our files.

We always say that bike fitting is a process and not an event and we recommend annual follow-up appointments to check if any changes are needed to your riding position should your body or aspirations change.

What our clients say

  • "Hey Julian and Phil, I hope you are both well. I just completed a 21 hour week on my new 165mm cranks and I am in love. They feel so so great! Thank you for all your help. I’ve never felt so comfortable on my bike before. All the best, Hannah"

    Hannah Barnes

    National Champion / Professional Bike Rider

  • "Thanks very much for consultation last week - since I saw you I do not have anything like the same amount of pain I was experiencing previously. I am so much more at ease with my new positioning and my posture feels right now."

    Jane B
  • "I tried the shorter cranks today and I like them - it feels like it's less stress for the back and it seems easier to ride higher cadence. In the end I had a good Tour with no back problems. Thanks for your help!"

    Bauke Mollema
  • "I had my second fitness test this weekend and on the first 8 minute time trial I'd improved average power output by a whopping 41 watts over the previous test. This is almost entirely down to the new position!"

    Alan B
  • "Rode my standard Box Hill loop this morning with the temp shims and more thought to position. Felt more connected and compact on the bike. Fastest ride of the year, picked up close to a km/per hour despite crappy wet pot holed roads, a ton of traffic and a couple of nights out Thu/Fri."


    Seven Evergreen SL