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New Technology at Cyclefit:

For us at Cyclefit, we are always trying to find ways to be more efficient and effective in our fitting studios.

Long gone are the days of having to take off the back wheel of a bike and embarrass ourselves in front of customers as we are putting their nice expensive bike onto a stationary static trainer.

Having a product like the Wahoo Kickr Rollr allows us to mount a bike onto a trainer device within seconds. This means we can get our customers riding and giving us feedback within a minute of the bike being set up and rolling.

Below we will outline why we have fallen in love with the Wahoo Kickr Rollr at Cyclefit.


Dual-roller design frees up the rear wheel to move more naturally, providing a more (real) outdoor riding feel, while reducing tire slip, no matter how much power you put to the pedals.

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When connected to an external power meter, KICKR ROLLR provides controlled resistance in level, ERG and simulated modes. Without a connected power meter, the smart bike roller delivers consistent resistance which is great for bike collections, saddle fittings and checking a rider's position.

This allows us to move the rollers around between studios without searching for a power point.

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"The ability to quickly mount any bike to it in a matter of sub-5 seconds, and be riding – is awesome."

DC rainmaker


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2022 wahoo kickr rollr wheel clamp


At CycleFit deal with a wide range of tyre sizes, from 700c races wheels at 28mm to gravel 27.5-inch monsters that are pushing 45mm tyres.

The quick adjust clamp allows us to put a wide range of bikes on the roll with minimal fuss.

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Bike fitting and pelvic stability:

This is what we have discovered over the last few months, using the Wahoo Kickr Rollr during the CycleFit process:

Our bodies will naturally recruit certain muscle groups and adopt a certain posture to help hold the pelvis on the saddle to create a stable pelvis. The better this stability and disconnection between the upper body and lower body the more stable and efficient someone can become.

Using the Wahoo Kickr Rollr allows us to see a customer in a more (real life/out door) environment. Where the body will require to try to stabilise naturally and intern we can see bad posture and habits. This can result in pressure mapping on a saddle being very different when comparing a customer on a static jig vs Kickr Core.

When riding on a fully braced fitting Jig or stationary trainer the body is allowed to cheat, as we don't need to keep balance as if we were riding on the road.

As humans, we will find the easiest way possible to achieve something with less effort. In regards to ridings a bike, we see people finding quick easy ways to brace into a saddle and forgo good posture and technique.

Saddle pressure mapping: Wahoo Rollr vs Fitting Jig

Seat pressure mapping SMP evo

What we can see is that the Wahoo Kickr Rollr allows the rider to stabilise more naturally (left image). This is resulting in the left side of the pelvic bones (Ischial tuberosity) digging into the saddle to create more support and stability. (Right image) is the same client in the same position but on our fitting jig.

Our fitting jig braces the body more forcefully into place. This doesn't allow for any natural motion from the front or back end of the bike. This can distort the data of stability and contact on a saddle.

In summary:

Using the Wahoo Kickr Rollr helps us determine better saddle options during or saddle fitting and full Cyclefit's.

Alongside saddle pressure mapping and other fitting technology and techniques, we can find customers more stable support from foot contact up to their saddle. We can't let the data drive the conversation from a single parameter but it can help us understand the bigger picture behind what is occurring on the bike.

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