LANDRACE Tupelo - The Epping Collection

In the dying hours of summer, Jules and Phil head out to Epping Forest with their great friend, Geoff Waugh and a pair of LANDRACE Tupelos

Landrace geoff17

Last vitamin D until Spring. Low sun, ebbing warmth and Epping Forest at its epic best

LANDRACE Tupelo - The Epping Collection

Go back over 30 years (quite a lot over), and Jules and Phil could be often found racing across Epping Forest - sometimes on cyclo-x bikes, more often on mountain bikes and sometimes even on their road-bikes (23mm tyres).
The idea was to go back to Epping with Geoff Waugh, who would sometimes ride with them, to take a collection of pictures that reflected the importance of the hallowed forest on their award-winning LANDRACE Tupelo.

On Any Wednesday

But for one reason or another the LANDRACE (Founders) shoot didn't happen. As the endless promise of October sun threatened to fall into winter's shadow, they grabbed their bikes and headed one more time up the canal towards Epping. Just like they used to when bike racing was unquestionably the most important thing in their lives, and their only topic of conversation. Now the discussions were largely food based and would the bread and butter pudding at The Tea Hut still fuel a full two hours of single-track?

We hope you enjoy this little collection. Jules and Phil could barely speak when they rolled back into Cyclefit Store Street after a long day up the woods.

Landrace geoff00

Last of The Summer Pudding. Pre-requisite

Landrace geoff000

And they are off. Midday and low sun

Landrace geoff12

Steeper than it looks

"They grabbed their bikes and headed one more time up the canal towards Epping"

Landrace geoff15

Steeper than it looks

Landrace geoff3

Tupelo in all-roads mode - drop-bar, semi-slicks

Landrace geoff4

Tupelo in urban gravel mode with straight-bar

Landrace geoff21

Dressed for the trail. LANDRACE bags

Landrace geoff22

The last day recommended for these tyres.

Landrace geoff9

Campsite legs - approaching Butler's Retreat. More food.

Landrace geoff6

They worked hard for that mud-splatter

Landrace geoff18

Mudguard eyelets and space for 32mm tyres or 38mm

Landrace geoff10

Phil has no idea where he is going. The Map is on his wheel.

Landrace geoff7

The autumn sun has long gone and Epping gives way to Serengeti

Landrace geoff16 2

A great day with just enough of this

Gwp 3

Thanks to Geoff Waugh. He need not know.

Landrace geoff14

"Jules and Phil could barely speak when they rolled back into Cyclefit Store Street after a long day up the woods"

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