Seven Axiom XX Disc

Strong, Light, Expensive, Comfortable - Pick All Four.


Without being boastful. This is bike represents the very best of Cyclefit.

"The satisfying knowledge that technically no more can be done at this time"

Alan's Seven Axiom SLX Disc - Mini-Test

Keith Bontrager is about as close as I will ever get to meeting a living genius. He is the bike industry's Richard Feynman - Polymath, physicist, art-house frame-builder, and for the last 20 years or so head of engineering and design at Trek Bicycles. I say all this because he invented the aphorism:
"strong, light, cheap - now pick two"
Time hasn't dulled the internal logic of those six words, and the way he applied them to cycling technology.
But the Seven Axiom SLX Disc doesn't so much disprove those words as move the whole debate to a different technical and financial postcode. Seven deliberately set out the Axiom SLX stall as performance and quality, regardless of cost. SLX for 2019/2020 means all of the technology that Seven has developed over the last twenty years plus all of the most recent XX development in one frame. Incidentally the XX upgrade has now been superseded by SLX. This frame was, I think, a labour of love for both myself and Alan. It incorporated one of the longest and exacting gestation periods of my 20 year career designing bicycles. Myself and Alan, were also on a twin-track. This is the bike that I wanted to build for myself and almost certainly now will over the winter. A full titanium, disc-brake frame, made incorporating the finest: materials, fabrication technology and design available at this moment. The satisfying knowledge that technically no more can be done at this time.


Titanium is virtually indestructable but it is still a conversation I would prefer not to have.


Those 1" chainstays move us (quickly) to tears


SRAM AXS - becoming the new normal? Look at the tyre clearance!

Power and Grace

This is a shockingly accomplished bike. Not the lightest - around 7.5kg. Certainly not the cheapest - the frame alone is almost £5k. But the poise, control and tautness from the chassis is class-defining. The 28mm tyres blow out to around 31 on the Enve rims, which gives a Rizla between the back wheel and the seat-stay. This aims the bike uncompromisingly at power-delivery with the inherent properties of titanium as a fall-back plan. It works so well that me and Jules are designing more bikes like this. We are leaning in hard on Seven's skill at engineering in souplesse and life to their topline tubeset, so we can edge the design to be as exciting as possible, without terrifying anyone. For me this frame encapsulates that spirit of controlled aggression. I didn't over-chance my arm - this bike is Alan's one in a lifetime dream. I felt very lucky for the few minutes I had around the streets. But it is enough to tell me that this is the dream I will be building for myself this winter.


Technical Spec

Frame Custom built US milled triple-butted 3AL-2.5V titanium
Fork Enve RD
Wheels Enve AR
Groupset SRAM AXS eTap Red
Tyres Shwalbe Pro One - 28mm
Price £4999 - frame only

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