2017 Etape du Tour Guide

Cyclefit's guide to preparing and riding 2017 Etape - Briancon to the Col d’Izoard

Posted by Julian Wall

2017 Etape1

One of the most exciting routes for years!

2017 Etape3

The Col d'Izoard became famous the moment Fausto Coppi climbed it

2017 Etape4

Back-ended routes are an exercise in restraint and discipline!

Briancon to Col d'Izoard - 2017 Etape du Tour Guide

Back-Loaded Day!

Welcome to our 2017 Etape Downloadable Guide

The defining feature of the 2017 Etape and course is the fact that the Col de Vars and Izoard come very late in the day. We have ridden many Etapes like this before (2002 and 2008) and they become an exercise in restraint and discipline. But both climbs are rarely used for the Etape and are complete legends. The Izoard incidentally is Phil's favourite Alpine climb. This 28 page downloadable guide features the following information:

Power Profiling

Power profiling of the climbs by our good friend Rob at Cycling Power Lab

Course Preview

Maps, graphs, data, times. We have it all.

Riding l'Etape

Preparation, the start, nutrition, hydration, feed-stations? How to climb? How to avoid the dreaded Broom-Wagon? What to do at the finish? We share our experiences and top tips

The Five Etape 'P's'

Position - now is the time to make sure your position is absolutely perfect - take advantage of our Bike+Body MOT
Posture - perfecting your posture is free power and efficiency! We tell you how.
Pedalling - there is a wrong and a right way. We recommend the latter!
Posterior - the wrong saddle will lose you power and gain you discomfort. It's not too late to get a pressure mapping appointment.
P-Equipment - you can buy speed with a lighter frame, wheels or groupset.

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