Dario Pegoretti Officina visit

An afternoon with the desginers and builders of Pegoretti frames

Posted by Julian Wall

Peg 10

A disc-brake Pegoretti for some is the same level of heresy as Dylan going electric!

"Pegoretti is part puritanical artisan bike-builder and part bicycle-cult"

The Hard Craft of Pegoretti

No bike builder we have ever worked with has the same effect upon its customers. Pegoretti is part puritanical artisan bicycle-builder and part bike-art cult. You may assume, given Pegoretti's close alliance with the art world, that the bikes spend most of their time hung up on a wall next to a Warhol or Monet. And you would assume wrong. Peg-Heads generally do huge mileages in the worst conditions possible - it is an unstated badge of honour in the Pegoretti community. Jules spends an afternoon at the hallowed halls of Pegoretti, with some of the most creative people in the cycling community.

Peg 4

Dario's creative partner, and head of production, Pietro, studies a Cyclefit client file. Nice T-shirt.

Peg 11

Ciavete is the licence a client gives the artisan to express themselves fully. Symbiosis.

Peg 6

We have learnt to meld our process with theirs!

Peg 8

Pietro, Jules and Cristina. Our friends at Pegoretti

Peg 9

Some of the greatest frame builders apprenticed at Pegoretti

Peg 3

Why wouldn't a brace of brake-calipers be art?

Peg 2

Every single process is executed by hand. It is the process and the training. It propagates pride and excellence

"Dylan Goes Electric v's Pegoretti Goes Disc-Brake"

Peg 12

The whole workshop emanates a sense of hard-craft

Peg 13

Countless frames touched by countless hands

Peg 14
Peg 15

"The whole workshop emanates a sense of hard-craft"

Peg 16

The level frame-builders around the world aspire to. Pegoretti (and Richard Sachs) are the rightful godfathers of custom steel

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