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Cyclefit friend, Consultant Sports and Cardiologist, Dr Nigel Stephens adds a clinic around the corner

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Dr nigel stephens

"I’m a sportsperson so know how hard it is to be told to stop a particular form of exercise because you are supposedly too old. Its conventional medical advice that’s well-meaning but often misplaced!"

Dr Nigel Stephens - Harrow Times

Dr Nigel Stephens - at ISEH

Dr Nigel Stephens is a great friend of Cyclefit - partly because his lectures are so popular and sell-out within hours of an event being released. And partly because he helps so many of our clients with worries, problems or concerns. All report back that is he incredibly patient, generous and thorough. And possibly most importantly, he is an elite cyclist himself, and therefore understands that riding and training are tremendously vital to us; and furthermore, that athletic folk are, in many ways, very different to sedentary folk.

Medical Palmares

  • Consultant Cardiologist at Northwick Park
  • Trained in Medicine at Kings College Hospital - postgraduate training in Cardiology at Hammersmith Hospital at Papworth Hospital Cambridge.
  • Lecturer in Medicine in Cambridge University
  • Northwick Park Hospital established the cardiac intervention service - now performing 550 procedures per annum.
  • Nigel worked with Professor Greg Whyte to devise and provide sports cardiology services at Olympic Medical Institute, when it was based at Northwick Park NHS Hospital.
  • Nigel and Greg were among the very first to detect and describe for the first time many phenomena including frequent AF in masters endurance athletes and right ventricular rhythm abnormalities.

Nigel has continued this ever more important interest in Masters athletes within his private practice.

Cycling Palmares

Nigel's unique perspective, working tirelessly to keep athletes training and performing through problems, flows in part from his own athletic success as a Masters National Champion and World Championship medallist in track cycling.

"As cyclists, we trade hugely improved cardiovascular and cognitive health for the occasional orthopaedic trauma"

Dr Nigel Stephens - quoted in The Midlife Cyclist

ISEH Clinic

Nigel's role at ISEH will be to provide outpatient assessment for people with known or suspected heart disease, returning to sport or taking on a new sporting challenge.

Nigel will provide specialist cardiac ultrasound, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, cardiac MRI as well as standard cardiac tests such as ECG. ISEH and Nigel can also provide invasive cardiac procedures where required and they have onsite specialist physiotherapists and dieticians.

Clinics Starts 2nd September Thursday 5-7 pmPlease book via HBrazil@kmsprofessionals.co.uk

The Institute of Sport Exercise and Health

Welcome to the neighbourhood Nigel!

"The one thing I have focussed on more - because I believe the story behind it - is sleep"

Dr Nigel Stephens - page 247 The Midlife Cyclist

An interview with welsh Track Cycling Coach Kyleigh Manners

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