Hexr Custom Helmets

3D printed in the UK from 100% sustainable materials.

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Custom made and 3D printed in the UK from 100% sustainable materials

The Custom Fit Helmet

With a name like James Cook it helps if you are pioneering by nature.

And he is - Elite international and Oxford University rower, James is the co-founder of Hexr - which began at University College London (UCL). James was working under leading material scientist Prof Mark Miodownik - predicating his research on the fact that:
"Cellular structures have the highest crush strength to weight ratio"
Perfect for a revolutionary bicycle helmet then. We were first introduced to James by a client some time ago. We are thrilled to be the first retailer in London trained to scan your head and help you buy your Hexr helmet!


James takes a 3D head-scan using 30,000 data-points


Which is used to produce a custom 3D printd helmet

"Cellular structures have the highest crush strength to weight ratio"

James Cook

Unique Properties of Hexr

  • Custom-made from 30,000 point 3D scan
  • Made in the UK from renewable materials
  • More aerodynamic than the competition - 7 seconds over 40k
  • More comfortable - better fit and thermoregulation
  • 26% safer than a traditional foam helmet
  • Replaceable outer shell - reflective due November 2019
  • £299.00 including 3D head-scanning at Cyclefit

£299.00 HEXR Custom Helmet

Hexr Aero

Please call on 0207 430 0083 or email us at info@cyclefit.co.uk to make an appointment or you can book through our Contacts Page for a scan and custom Hexr helmet (about 30 minutes).

More information can be found at Hexr

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