New 2024 SRAM Red AXS

Is SRAM's new Red AXS the best bicycle groupset of all time? Cathal finds out for Cyclefit

Posted by Philip Cavell

Cathal SRAM6

2024 SRAM Red AXS is here! Lighter, faster and more ergonomic

"SRAM had better be good to get me to dress like this on a Monday!"

Cathal (Cyclefit Store Street Manager)

2024 SRAM RED AXS - The Greatest Groupset Of All Time?

We were invited to a secret SRAM launch in Central London on Monday 13th May. Cathal (Store Street Manager) was our intrepid reporter and in his own words:

"SRAM had better be good to get me to dress like this on a Monday!"

He was of course, by consensus the best dressed man at the event. As Cyclefit's head of creative we never had any doubts.


Cathal changes in Cyclefit Store Street stock-room for secret SRAM VIP launch event

Cathal SRAM11

Auto-trim front-mech

Cathal SRAM7

29 grams = less rotational weight

What's New? What's Better?

We are already fans of the existing (if a little dated) Red groupset, so we were genuinely excited to see where they have taken the revolutionary Rouge label.

We have some of the first groupsets in the UK and we will bring you a full report once we have put it on a bike and used it. But in the meantime, here are the highlights:

  • Under 2.5kg for whole groupset
  • 12 speed
  • New Zipp bar shaped especially for new Red hoods
  • Hoods 5mm longer than current Red
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Greater finger room between the handlebar and shifter lever, reducing risk of finger trap
  • Horizontal piston rather than vertical reducing the height of the lever thus enabling the pivot point of the brake lever being higher with featherweight actuation
  • Satellite shift buttons introduced on the hoods which are also ANT+ compatible.
  • New shifter is compatible with all previous AXS groupsets including XPLR.
  • Improved rear derailleur with ceramic bearing large jockey wheels and capacity for a 36T cassette.
  • Overall weight of the groupset has been reduced by approx. 150gr bringing it in under 2500gr.
  • Available to order now from Cyclefit Fire-Station or Cyclefit Store Street
  • Same RRP as outgoing groupset

"Save an imperssive 154 grams"

Cathal SRAM10

Ceramic bearings and quite pretty

Cathal SRAM8

+5mm hoods - even pro's spend more time on the hoods

So Should You Shift Your Shifting?

Absolutely if you want:

  • 29g saved off Red cranks - rotational weight remember?
  • Faster front-mech shifting
  • Auto-trim on front-mech
  • Ceramic jockey-wheels
  • Save 154 grams
  • 2 x new cassette options -10-30T and 10-36T
  • Better ergonomics for hoods and brake levers + Programmable bonus buttons
  • Light-action brake levers
  • Improved brake lever reach adjustment range
  • Bigger surface-area shift surfaces
  • More visible LED lights
  • 160 crank option (brilliant!)
  • Yes if you are planning a new custom build with Cyclefit!

Order now from Cyclefit if you want new Red for 2024 summer season.


The Unboxing!


The first 2024 Groupsets arrive at Cyclefit.

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