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Landrace by Cyclefit - A limited edition collaboration with Seven Cycles. All roads. All seasons.

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"The remit for Landrace was to build a bike that owners find hard to categorise but would nevertheless be the bike they default to on most occasions"

Landrace With Decal

Cyclefit Design and Geometry. US Milled Titanium. Made in Boston.

Project Glider to Project Landrace

Greatest Good For The Greatest Number

To understand Project Landrace you need to understand Project Glider from 2006. Project Glider was our reaction to manufacturers poor understanding of rider ergonomics resulting in most of them producing some bicycles with truly awful geometry.

Intellectual Underpinnings

Glider incorporated all our ideas from our training with Serotta and some of the world’s finest cycling oriented medical professionals. And most importantly from having undertaken thousands of Cyclefit sessions with all kinds of clients over many years.

Enduring Love

Our inaugural Glider Tupelos were made in tiny quantities by Serotta in Upstate New York and are still loved today by their respective owners beyond measure. The most satisfying element for us after all these years, is hearing the anecdotes about how well they ride and how they are still their favourite bike. They don’t know why they ride or fit so well and they don’t need to know. But the fact is that twelve years ago me and Jules sweated every angle and mm and tubing dimension to make sure that the geometry captured the greatest good for the greatest number.


Glider Tupelo Ti 2008. Everyone ever made is still out there! Made by Serotta

Glider Design2

The rider ergonomics was way ahead of its time.

Glider Design

Mocking up the geometry - 2006

The Landrace Landscape

The landscape is different now. Big manufacturers wisely retained the services of companies like Cyclefit to consult on fitting, ergonomics and geometry. With the result that with a few exceptions contemporary bicycle geometry is hugely improved. But bicycle companies are innately resistant to change, and it is precisely this resistance to change that presents an opportunity for Project Landrace to reflect the most modern advances and research into cycling biomechanics and materials technology.

Project Landrace

The remit for Landrace was to build a bike that owners find hard to categorise or de-construct. But also be their default and unequivocal choice when they are riding out onto roads sight unseen. A bike to perform at the highest level wherever it finds itself. A bike that somehow feels more balanced, poised and efficient on any road at any speed. A bike to bridge the space between full custom and off-the-peg geometry.

Designed in Cyclefit. Crafted in Boston

Landrace is made according to our design and specification by Seven Cycles in Boston. Seven are the most experienced and exacting titanium fabricators in the world. Seven Titanium White-Paper

Landrace Design


Landrace is built at Seven by these folk


Out of this beautiful US milled 3AL.2.5V aerospace ti


With an artisans crafted care

US Milled Aerospace Titanium!

Custom double-butted (in-house at Seven Cycles) US milled 3Al-2.5V titanium.

Alignment Obsession

Each Landrace frame undergoes seventeen different alignment checks during welding at Seven

Lower bottom-bracket

Lower bottom-bracket to reduce centre of gravity and increase confidence and stability

Shorter crank, same peak power, easier pedalling

Conceived to be ridden with a shorter crank (165-170mm) to preserve peak-power, keep the hip open and preserve optimum pedalling efficiency as well as long-term health

32c tyres + mudguards

Landrace has been designed with clearances and braze-ons for 32mm tyres and full mudguards

44mm Headtube

Landrace uses a 44mm headtube to resist torsional stress and additional braking forces.

Seven Multipass Welding

Seven Cycles uses a proprietary TIG welding process to build our Landrace titanium frames

Flat Mount Discs and 12mm Thru-Axle

Disc-brakes are here. Used with 12mm thru-axle for axle-to-axle torsional stiffness and disc guide accuracy

Seven Matador Fork

Not many forks come with a five year warranty but Seven's does - mudguard eyelets, flat-mount disc, machined crown-race for accuracy, clearances for 32c tyres + mudguards

Shorter Topbube = Longer Stem

Shorter TT enables longer stem for better bike handling on and off road. And makes for a lighter frame

Landrace Limited Edition

£3,895 - Frame and Painted Seven Matador RD Fork

Landrace Geometry

Mudhoney Sl Blasted Landrace Graphics 171130 002

Double-butted titanium

Landrace Graphic

Limited Edition Cyclefit Landrace.

Landrace Decal2 171204 170415

Made by Seven in Boston

Landrace Geometry

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