Reform Custom-Moulded Saddle

Custom saddles have long been an unattainable holy grail of cycling performance and comfort. Until now...

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Welcome to the future. Heat-moulded custom carbon saddle.

The New Seat of Power

For as long as we have been bike-fitting (nearly 25 years), custom saddles have the illusive missing piece in the triumvirate of power, performance and comfort.

Reform. From Canada.

Reform saddles are beautifully handmade in Vancouver, Canada in tiny quantities. They have developed their own proprietary thermal moldable technology that is incorporated into a carbon fibre saddle.


Cyclefit assess Reform saddles process and efficacy


Director of Cyclefit R&D. And Jimmy

The Reform Moulding Process

Moulding At Cyclefit:

  • Discuss with you any saddle comfort issues you may be having
  • We fit your chosen Reform saddle on your bike on our Wahoo trainer or on our jig set to your fit numbers
  • The Saddle is plugged into Reform's adapter and gradually heated whilst you pedal
  • Once the correct temperature has been achieved, the power is removed and you are now in the cooling/molding phase. Your Cyclefitter may ask you move from hoods/drops/tops or even sit completely upright during cooling
  • After 6-8 minutes your Reform saddle will be moulded
  • Reform can be re-moulded if necessary

Moulding At Home:

Largely the same process, except all timings and toggling between positions will have to be prompted. You will need to also purchase the Reform Adapter for £36, which can be returned for a full refund once you have moulded your saddle.


Ed (Cyclefit mechanic) is our injured test subject


Evidence-based. Pre-moulded - right, post - left


Each person's pelvis is as unique as their fingerprints

Reform13 2

Ed has a h/string / sit-bone issue. We have moulded out

Who would benefit from a custom-saddle?

Saddle pain and pressure is one of our top-3 referring issues at Cyclefit. But it doesn't always have to be about pain - here is who we think may like a custom-moulded saddle:

  • Saddle-pressure issues that have been historically difficult to resolve
  • Riders who feel that they are not stable or locked-in position when riding hard or racing
  • Any rider who has had a great experience with customisation in the past, with respect to their cycling position - footbeds, bike, orthotics etc
  • Anyone who wants the indulgence of a beautiful, handmade saddle that weights 195 grams, and moulded to their pelvic architecture

197 grams. Handmade. Custom.


Look at the beautiful connector at the nose

Reform Saddles

The Seymour

  • Patented thermo-mouldable, high-performance saddle designed for riders and racers who need a more dynamic position
  • Thermo-moulding offloads pressure-points and helps to compensate for rider asymmetry
  • Designed to balance performance, function and comfort
  • 197 grams
  • W 142mm L 252mm
  • 7x 10mm carbon monocoque rail
  • £335.00 (including moulding at Cyclefit)
  • + £335.00 for AC unit for home-moulding (refundable)

Purchase Seymour

Tantalus1 2

Tantalus is designed for gravel/endurance/MTB riding

Tantalus2 2

Thermo-mouldable carbon base and Ti rails - 235 grams

The Tantalus

  • The Tantalus features Reform's patented Thermo-Moldable Technology, formed over anodized Titanium rails and durable micro-fiber covering
  • The Tantalus is designed for gravel or MTB riders or road riders who prefer a slightly less aggressive position
  • Developed with the help of Jesse Melamed and the Rocky Mountain/Raceface Enduro team
  • Thermo-moulding technology forms the Tantalus to your unique sit bones, so you can ride faster for longer
  • W 142mm, L 245mm- 225-235g
  • 7mm anodized Ti Rails
  • Patented thermo-moldable technology
  • £270.00 (including moulding at Cyclefit)
  • + £25.00 for AC unit for home-moulding (refundable)

Purchase Tantalus


Reform at Cyclefit

Reform saddles are exclusively available in the UK from Cyclefit. You can mould at home and then return the Reform adapter, or make an appointment to have your saddle custom moulded by us at no extra charge (until the end of Jan '24)

Note - if you mould at home and are not happy. We can re-mould at Cyclefit for no extra charge.

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