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Make 2024 count. Start the year like a professional with a Cyclefit Bike + Body MOT

New Year, New You. The Resolution Fallacy

A good headline, but for most of us a rubbish plan. One of our great friends at Cyclefit, Robin, is an evolutionary psychologist. And one of his grounding wisdoms is that:

'it's almost impossible to quickly change the way we think. But it is possible to change our environment, and this can then lead to a change in how we think'.

Arguably, the best change of environment is the addition of structure. And the best structure at this time of year, is a Bike+Body MOT.

IMG 2583

Jules works with Richard Carapaz at EF Education Team Camp - Dec 2023

Cyclefit Bike+Body MOT

A Bike + Body MOT is effectively the same service that we provide to team riders this time of year. A complete body and equipment audit, to make sure that both are ready and optimised to face the stresses of the coming season. The big difference being that professional riders have a squadron of mechanics that service their bikes. For us it is Barna, Ed and Miguel, who assiduously fettle your bike to peak performance in the Cyclefit Workshop.

"A complete body and equipment audit, to make sure that both are ready and optimised to face the stresses of the coming season"

IMG 2656 2

Vaughn sets up shoes & cleats for Madeleine Vallieres

IMG 2664

After a functional movement screen by Julian

The Body - A Conversation + A List = A Plan

The committed professional or amateur cyclist approaches these sessions with an objective or aspiration for this season or beyond. The conversation leads to a list of elements that could be amended or improved - such as:

  • I get foot-pain after three hours riding in the mountains
  • I get saddle soreness when riding
  • My power and performance has plateaued
  • I am coming back to cycling and need to review my position
  • I have a big ride/event scheduled for the summer and need to check my position

"It's almost impossible to change the way we think. But it is possible to change our environment, and this can in turn can lead to a change in how we think"

Robin (Cyclefit friend)
Gwp cyclefit 360

Bike+Body includes an Intermediate Service

Gwp cyclefit 394

And precise set-to-size to up-to-date Cyclefit metrics

The Bike

Every Bike+Body MOT includes an Intermediate Level Service at Cyclefit.

Beyond the servicing, the same wisdom applies - a conversation, list and plan. Themes could be:

  • Is my gearing appropriate for my season goals?
  • Do I need to change/amend components?
  • What are the best tyres for most of my riding?
  • Should I go tubeless or clincher (sit down for this one)
  • Should I be 2 x or 1 x for my riding goals?
Gwp b b1

The smallest tweaks sometimes have a profound effect

Gwp b b2

There is a shoe for every foot-type. Which one is yours?

Gwp b b3

Foot pain is our No 1 referring issue


And No 2 is saddle issues

The Bike+Body MOT

The Bike+Body is the perfect way to kick-start your season.

Bike+Body cost is £299.

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What our clients say

  • "I tried the shorter cranks today and I like them - it feels like it's less stress for the back and it seems easier to ride higher cadence. In the end I had a good Tour with no back problems. Thanks for your help!"

    Bauke Mollema
  • "A very thorough, professional and personal service. I was keen to analyse my bike position after breaking my hip. The custom footbeds and alterations to my position feel really good, just wish I’d come sooner! Many thanks"


    Endurance MTB rider

  • "Julian was very knowledgeable and explained the fitting process very well. He came highly recommended and i completely agree. Very happy with the service. Instantly felt better on the bike. The pain i had in my knee went away right away. "


    Recreational cyclist

  • "A highly personalized and very friendly service, giving good advice and adjustments that are helpful whatever level of cyclist you are."



  • "Thanks very much Phil. Did an 80 mile sportive yesterday on the road bike - perfect set up thanks; I've never been so comfortable, and no after effects! Cheers, Ian "

    Ian T.

    Time-Triallist (70+)