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Seven XX Upgrade Programme

XX Yourself
The incredible Seven XX Upgrade Programme consists of eleven weight saving gains over the standard Seven Evergreen SL or Evergreen SLX - Through which you will save up to 1/2lb off your frame and fork! The primary design goal with XX was to eliminate weight without sacrificing any frame stiffness, longevity or performance. Only Seven has the titanium experience and engineering skills to achieve this. A Seven Evergreen SLX XX is the lightest titanium disc frame-set in the world. 


Technical Spec

Asymmetric dropouts
The new asymmetric design is 60 grams lighter, but it’s also stiffer (and Seven’s dropouts are already the stiffest in the industry).
Asymmetric chainstays
Complex engineering results in increased drive-train stiffness and weight saving. Win win.
Internal seat post binder
Saves up to 75 grams and beautifully minimal.
30.9 mm seatpost sleeve & seatpost
Valuable few grams saved - does not negatively affect the ride
More aggressive bottom bracket machining
Saves 14 grams - same stiffness and longevity
Super-refined tube butting saves
Removes an additional 1.5 ounces, on average - rider specific
Enlarging the frame’s breather holes
Saves 12 grams in places a rider never sees. No stiffness or longevity implication
Modified our flat mount brake adaptor
Saves 13 grams - with no change in braking response.
Modified, XX specific tube selection process
Saves between 30 and 60 grams. By combining tube diameters and wall thicknesses in new ways to take full advantage of Seven's US-milled aerospace-grade titanium


Natural semi-polished titanium