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Pedal Powerphase

Correct pedalling technique

18th February 2017 · Posted by Julian Wall

In this journal entry we look at an issue that has been especially close to our hearts for every single day of our 15 years years because of the potential for efficiency loss and even injury to many cyclists – the Myth of the Upstroke.

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Jimmy Emonda

Emonda Domane Madone Trilemma

22nd December 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

How do you choose between Trek's three frame designs?

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5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Titanium Bike

22nd December 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

Question 1: What has buying a titanium bike got to do with the mystical charms of eating the Fugu (Japanese Puffer Fish)?

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Winter Seven

The Perfect Winter Bike

13th December 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

In these days of specialisation winter bikes have transcended junk-clunkers living out their baggy-arse days delivering a thoroughly mediocre experience to their disappointed owner.

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Ics 2016

International Cyclefit Symposium 2016

20th September 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

This conference is special because it honours that all too frequent experience when all you have between you and the client’s expectation is collective experience and intelligence.

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Blog Short Cranks

Short cranks, better pedalling?

2nd August 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

I have the dubious honour of having virtually the shortest legs in the peloton but have for most of my cycling life used standard 170mm cranks on my road bike and 175mm on my mountain bike.

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