Cyclefit Store Street Journal. No1

A neighborhood bike shop. By Cyclefit.

Posted by Philip Cavell

Little wheels

Yet another Cyclefit Store Street event spills out onto the street. We are getting a reputation!

Cyclefit Store Street Journal - No1.

In The Clouds

We officially took over from Cloud 9 Cycles on June 4th. Barely ninety days ago; but the weird summer and scale of progress means that time has telescoped. Sometimes it feels like five minutes and sometimes five months.
Cloud 9 worked a bit like Cyclefit - it had our friend Wei from Foundation Fit in the basement, and consequently focussed on custom builds that stemmed from the bike-fit sessions.

Storest bike fit1

Unplugged Cyclefit

Storest bike fit2

lycra optional

Store streetadditional7

Store Street workshop

Back On The Street

Our intention was to broaden out the offering a little - to become what we think a neighbourhood bike-store should be in Bloomsbury in the 2020's!

An independent bike-shop rooted in the street and community, that provides a thoughtful range of services and products, communicated in a truly helpful and friendly manner, with the intention of helping everyone enjoy their cycling more:

  • Everyday bike repairs - folding bikes, gravel bikes, commuter bikes, Ebikes etc.
  • Bike and accessory sales - everything starts with a conversation and probably a test-ride, or two. And if we haven't got it, we can almost certainly get it.
  • A focus on small, artisan and independent bike brands.
  • Bike rentals - city and all-roads bikes - booked online and prepped for pickup
    Events, advice, information. A centre for local cycling
  • Unplugged Cyclefit - for the recreational, casual and commuter cyclist. 45 minutes - £75
  • Maintenance classes -starting this Autumn
  • Ride-outs - Beth (ex-Bianchi professional rider) has been running a novice women's ride every Wednesday at 7:00am - you are welcome to join in. Beth is teaching - proper pedalling (i.e. right gear), bunch-riding skills, through-and-off and general advice on riding and equipment.

Cyclefit's Beth Taylor test-rides a ridiculously rare Moulton Speed in an experimental colour - made in Bradford-On-Avon

Meet The Neighbours

Store Street in Bloomsbury is how high streets would feel in a parallel universe. Every business is a small independent company, working to the very highest standards possible. We haven't met everyone yet (that will happen at the official launch - TBA) but everyone has been incredibly warm and welcoming.

we should mention a few whose bikes we are already looking after:

  • Store Street Espresso - beloved by London cyclists. Try their sourdough with spreads or cheese.
  • Cafe Deco - Anna Tobias leads a talented team. Making a virtue of simplicity. An ethos we can relate to. Try - just about anything.It will be glorious.
  • Store Street Framing - They are to picture framing what are to bikes. Tailored, custom and consultative. Headed by the talented Polly. Try - we like their magic glass that is both anti-reflective and protects the picture from light/sun damage.

Meet more neighbours as we do!

Carloton phil1

Carlton Kirby launches his new before Tour de France

Storest miguel

Cyclefit Store Street mechanic - Miguel

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