Open Cycles + Free Custom Paint!

For a limited time you can get an Open UP or MIND with free custom paint!

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Open custom11

Open U.P. Ultradynamico

Open U.P. Your MIND To Custom Paint!

We are offering free custom paint on Open MIND and Open UP builds. And it is not too late to curate your build for a summer delivery - custom-painted MIND and UP frames are currently taking 3-6 weeks (depending on complexity of scheme).

The UP or Unbeaten Path, is the original everywhere bike that later became the gravel category. Yes, Open invented 'gravel'

The Open MIND is Open's characteristically revolutionary approach to a pure road machine. Their aim was to produce a featherweight carbon bike that rides like an Italian steel thoroughbred. They came mighty close.

Open custom10

A few ideas from Open/Cyclefit to get you going

"Create an OPEN that is truly yours"

Andy & Gerard
Open custom14

Thank you to Above Category for these images

Open custom13

California Sunset UP from AC in Sausalito CA

"Custom-painted MIND and UP frames are currently taking 3-6 weeks to deliver"

Open custom8

Minimalist optical-white - we built this bike for an architect with a very clear direction

Open custom7

We made this beautiful custom Open MIND for Maratona

Ordering A Custom Open From Cyclefit

  • Choose either Open MIND or Open UP
  • Book in for a Cyclefit (or we can use your existing fit data)
  • Choose your free paint scheme incorporating your favourite colour(s)
  • Configure the rest of the bike build (if needed)
  • Place your order
  • Come in when your bike is ready and we will fit your new bike

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