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Professional Rider Eva Buurman is fitted for Bontrager XXX shoes and + Cyclefit Custom Moulded Footbeds

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Un-weighted navicular height measurement

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Custom Cyclefit Sidas Footbeds

In your New Cycling Shoe appointment:

Choosing the right shoe to suit your riding, foot type and size isn't easy on the internet.

We will discuss with you your requirements and recommend shoes to try on that suit from our premium brands: Lake, Bontrager, Shimano and Fizik.

Road, MTB and Triathlon styles are always in stock with wide options in the road models.

We can use the information from your shoe fitting to choose the right shoe, the £60.00 fee is fully refundable if your new shoes are purchased from Cyclefit. Occasionally we need to order in the shoes to get the exact size.

If your feet are uncomfortable and your shoes fit there can be anatomical issues causing the pain.

Shoe fitting like bike fitting is a process not an event so we often have to make adjustments to the cleats and bike position to get the best results; small adjustments can make big changes.

We can recommend a footbed or custom orthotics appointment depending on the anatomical complexities presented to improve foot support or a shoe & cleat appointment or a combination of all three.

Read our Journal post about shoe design

£60.00 40 minutes

Included in the Shoe Fitting

  • Foot measurement (length, width, arch length)
  • Standing and seated arch height
  • Foot type analysis
  • Trying on shoes to find the best fit
  • Option to have Sidas footbeds made (£120.00)
  • Cleats fitted (based on exisiting set-up)

Our Cycle shoe range

Lake CX237 Road Shoe

This is a very comfortable shoe, especially cyclists with wide feet.

Full Grain Leather. Carbon sole. Black or white also in silver camoflage and brown to order. Double Boa fasteners. Competition Last. Semi curved last. Medium toe spring and heel lift. Replaceable heel bumper. Standard shoe is wide the wide fit offers an extra 15mm in width.

Regular: 36-50 half sizes between 40 and 47 no size 49.

Wide: Sizes from 39 to 48 in wide half sizes between 40 and 47.

Check Cyclefit CX237 stock

Lake cx237 white

Lake CX237 White

Lake cx237 Black

Lake CX237 Black

Lake cx237 Last

Semi-curved carbon last

Lake CX241 Road Shoe

Helcor Abrasion Resistant Full Grain leather. Up foam liner, custom moldable carbon heel counter. Completion Last (as CX237). Full carbon sole. Black or White. Double Boa with articulated leather upper for custom fit. Excellent to reduce pressure points on sensitive areas like a Bunion or Taylor’s Bunion.

Regular: 36-50 half sizes between 40 and 47 no size 49.

Wide: Sizes from 37 to 50, half sizes between 40 and 47 no size 49.

Check Cyclefit Lake CX241 Stock

Lake CX241 Black

Lake CX241 Black

Lake CX241 White

Lake CX241 White

Lake CX241 Carbon Last

Semi-curved carbon last

Lake CX332 Road Shoe

More of a performance shoe from Lake with the most size options of any shoe brand; the toe box could be a little too narrow for riders with wide feet though.

Klite Kangaroo leather and mesh. Outlast temperature regulating heel & tongue liner. Internal Heat Moldable Thermaform Carbon Fiber heel counter.

Narrower heel and toe box than the cx237. Tow box is also slightly shallower so suits a smaller volume, wide foot. Extra wide fit available. Black or white, double Boa.
Lake Race 100% Carbon Fibre Sole, Lake patent Double Sole. Available in 3 hole cleat pattern or Speedplay.

Regular: 39-50 half sizes between 40 and 47 no size 49.

Wide: Sizes 39-50 half sizes between 40 and 47 no size 49.

Extra Wide: 39-50 half sizes between 40 and 47 no size 49.

Check Cyclefit Lake CX332 Stock

Lake cx332 white

Lake CX332 White

Lake CX332 black

Lake CX332 Black

Lake CX241 Carbon Last

Semi-curved carbon last

Lake CX402 Road Shoe

Possibly the most comfortable shoe on the market for many of our customers.

Klite Kangaroo leather & mesh upper with Perforated Kangaroo leather lining. Custom Fit Carbon Fiber heel that is moulded to the foot for comfort and support. Unique to Lake is their patent double sole system. The inner sole is a semi-flexible carbon fibre platform that allows the foot to have some flexibility at the ball of the foot where the foot tends to swell and hot spots would occur. The inner sole is suspended over the outer rigid carbon sole

A slightly narrower toe box & tighter heel than the Competition last and less overall volume than the Sport last. Double Boa. Men’s regular width available in a 3-hole or Speedplay specific cleat pattern for use without adaptors. Replaceable heel strike pad

Regular: 39-48 half sizes between 42 and 47.

Wide: Sizes 39-48 half sizes between 42 and 47.

Lake cx402 black2

Lake CX402 Black

Cx402 white black

Lake CX402 White/Black

Lake cx402 last

Lake CX402 Carbon Double Last

Shimano RC9 S-Phyre Road Shoe

This is quite a technical shoe and our favourite race shoe, The last is inly 4mm thick compared to the industry average of 8.7mm and gives direct power transfer and more hip clearance at the top of the pedal stroke. Fairly shallow toe box and low heel off-set.

  • Material Properties - Silvadur’s patented silver ion intelligent technology offers longlasting freshness. No unwanted odors or discoloration occur that might shorten a product’s lifespan.

  • ConstructionUnibody Construction -The elimination of the traditional lasting board reduces weight and lowers the stack height between the foot and pedal to better support the foot and maximizes power transfer and efficiency.

  • Fastening - Dual independent Boa® IP1 dials with powerzone wire guide lacing allow quick and precise micro-adjustment while maintaining stability.

  • Upper - Supple, stretch-resistant and highly breathable, one-piece Teijin Avail microfiber synthetic leather limits moisture and sweat retention, features increased MicroVent holes for heat dispersion, and fits like a glove.

  • Foot Support - Asymmetric eyestay pattern prevents twisting of foot under high-power pedaling.

  • HeelRevised external curved heel cup construction minimizes foot twist and roll, stabilizes the heel, and holds the foot firmly in place.

  • Stack Height - Low stack height carbon midsole helps stabilize foot during the downward pedaling stroke, maximizing power transfer.

  • Extra 11 mm of cleat adjustment range.

Regular: 38 - 48 half sizes between 42 and 46.

Wide (White only): Sizes 42 - 48 no half sizes

Available in-store only

Shimano RC9 white

Shimano RC9 S-Phyre Road Shoe White

Shimano rc9 sphyre black

Shimano RC9 S-Phyre Road Shoe Black

Shimano rc9 sphyre carbon last

Straight last.

Bontrager XXX Road Shoe 2020

Replacing a firm favourite here at Cyclefit the new Bontrager shoe retains its straight last but is shallower in the toe box. The deep toe box on the old shoe could accommodate wider feet, the new shoe is a more regular fit. The straight last is good for adducted feet, i.e. feet that curve outwards like a banana!

  • inForm Pro last delivers an ergonomically optimised, high-performance fit
  • 100% OCLV carbon sole is extremely lightweight and stiff for efficient power transfer
  • Dual, independent Boa IP1 dials for precise, zone-specific fit adjustments
  • Lightweight and luxurious TPU upper material for supportive comfort and perfect perforation pattern for breathability
  • Stiffness index 14 of 14
  • Asymmetrical design and superior lace routing system reduces top-of-foot pressure while providing a more secure fit
  • External heel cups and no-slip heel lining prevent slippage and chafing while reacting to your movements more quickly
  • The ergonomic inForm footbed is engineered for all-day comfort and support
  • White or Black

Sizes: 37 - 47

Bontrager xxx road shoe whitexl

Bontrager XXX 2020 shoe White with Black

Bontrager xxx road shoe blackxl

Bontrager XXX 2020 shoe all Black

What our clients say

  • "I tried the shorter cranks today and I like them - it feels like it's less stress for the back and it seems easier to ride higher cadence. In the end I had a good Tour with no back problems. Thanks for your help!"

    Bauke Mollema
  • "A great service, full of personal touches as well as the "harder" scientific analysis of my position on the bike, which was also excellent. I feel more planted on the bike now, and came away with some really useful feedback from the session."

    Ed H

    London Dynamo Rider

  • "Rode my standard Box Hill loop this morning with the temp shims and more thought to position. Felt more connected and compact on the bike. Fastest ride of the year, picked up close to a km/per hour despite crappy wet pot holed roads, a ton of traffic and a couple of nights out Thu/Fri."

    Matt H

    Seven Evergreen SL

  • "Thanks very much Phil. Did an 80 mile sportive yesterday on the road bike - perfect set up thanks; I've never been so comfortable, and no after effects! Cheers, Ian "

    Ian T.

    Time-Triallist (70+)

  • "Cyclefit offers an in-depth and highly personalised approach to bike sales. Whatever your riding discipline (for me it’s road, gravel and MTB) the team in Covent Garden will find the right build for you. All this is built around a pro level bike fit and detailed component selection. Add to this the important items often overlooked beyond the bike itself such as shoes, insoles and saddle pressure mapping and it’s a full service operation."


    Self-confessed MAMIL