Pegoretti Marcelo with Ciavete Finish

A celebration of a cycling life well spent. An extraordinary bike for Alec.

Peg peter1

Race-bike. Keepsake. Art. Picture by Peter Harrington - Where Beagles Dare

"Race-bike. Keepsake. Art. Pegorettis occupy a unique space in the cycling firmament"

Alec's Pegoretti Marcelo

Every bike project has a story. A narrative that hopefully seeps out of our galleries.

A Pegoretti project frequently tends more toward the poetic than the prosaic. In the sense that most Cyclefit clients opt for a Ciavete finish. Ciavete means that one of the Pegoretti craftsman has the responsibility of performing an original piece of art on Dario's original sculptural Columbus tubes.

Former semi-professional
Alec is a former UK based semi-professional rider and although still in incredible shape, wants a bike for the pure enjoyment of riding. Hence we tweaked the Pegoretti stock geometry a little to reflect his body's pro-alike muscle-memory.
We chose the Marcelo for a couple of notable reasons -
Firstly Dario's bespoke interpretation of Columbus' front-line heat-treated Spirit tubing is a modern benchmark of performance and beauty (note: most folk who don't have a history riding steel, return from a Marcelo test-ride scratching their heads in bewilderment).
Secondly - Dario and Pietro, along with Richard Sachs have historically been given almost unique collaboration rights and access to Columbus. The Marcelo is (in my opinion) the most direct-driving steel frame in the Pegoretti palette and possibly in the world.
The Ciavete finish is a celebration of Alec's long participation at racing at a high level and historical fandom of the sport.
Ride well together Alec from all of us at Cyclefit.

Peg al21

The more you look....

"We tweaked the Pegoretti stock geometry a little to reflect Alec's body's pro-alike muscle-memory"

Barna peg

Built by Barna. Store Street's first build

Peg al16

Photographed by Beth (Cyclefit Store Street)

Peg al10

The patron saint of the day -

Peg headtube

Badge of honour

"A Pegoretti project frequently tends more toward the poetic than the prosaic"

Peg al23

Created in Italy. Built in London. Ridden by Alec.

Peg al22

The antithesis of mass-production. Made in Italy by some of the most dedicated craftspeople.

Peg peter

Alec took the bike and test-rode in Haute-Route

Peg peter2

Pictures by Beth and Peter Harrington

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