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Short cranks, better pedalling?

2nd August 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

I have the dubious honour of having virtually the shortest legs in the peloton but have for most of my cycling life used standard 170mm cranks on my road bike and 175mm on my mountain bike.

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Bm 2

In search of the perfect saddle

28th July 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

Ahead of a sponsored bike ride from Manchester to London - and with a new saddle causing her all sorts of mischief - Helen Pidd went for a professional saddle fitting session. But is it worth £150?

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The Foot is Prince Cycling Podiatry

28th July 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

Cyclefit's fixed-foot specialist Podiatrist, Mick Habgood looks at the foot/pedal interface from The Ground Up.

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Cyclist Foot

Cycling Podiatry - What Kind of Foot are You?

28th July 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

Cyclefit Podiatrist Mick Habgood continues his blog series. As one of the world's finest fixed-foot podiatrists Mick in this blog examines the different types of forefoot we can have and how that affects how you pedal.

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Oliver Custom2

Five Reasons to Buy a Custom Bike

23rd June 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

Working custom means that every aspect of the ride experience can be tuned to the rider. Geometry, tubing stiffness profiles even butting can be individual.

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Bauke Jw

Bike Fitting Professional Cyclists at Cyclefit

20th June 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

Two short movies about bikefitting World Tour Team Trek Factory Racing

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