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30th May 2023 · Posted by Vaughn Pretorius

KICKR ROLLR smart bike roller is compatible with bike trainer accessories, including the KICKR DESK and KICKR HEADWIND Smart Fan, allowing you to build the ideal setup to make your smart bike experience next level immersive.

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Where do these go? How to fit cycling cleats correctly.

7th February 2023 · Posted by Jimmy Wilson

The primary power transfer interface, but how do we find the sweet spot?

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Do I need a bike fitter?

31st January 2023 · Posted by Jimmy Wilson

How to recognise it's time to step away from internet information overload and ask for help. When "who to" trumps "how to".

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Selle SMP Saddles

5th January 2023 · Posted by Vaughn Pretorius

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But ergonomics is scientifically proven. My experience with Selle SMP saddles.

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Cyclefit Bloomsbury Gallery

20th May 2022 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Gallery of our new home in The Fire-Station in West Central Street

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Saddle Pressure or Pelvis Dysfunction?

20th September 2021 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Saddle and Pelvic problems are some of the hardest to solve in bike-fitting and physiotherapy -

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