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Craig Bruce

Picture by Craig Bruce

"Happy head, happy legs"

Sarah King - Team Principal

The London Academy - Twenty Racers, One Vision

Team Principal, and ex-Bianchi professional racer, Sarah King, runs London Academy with a benevolent vision that defines the whole team enterprise -

'happy head, happy legs'.

Results are great and trophies shine before they inevitably fade, but every rider improving and loving their riding, is a legacy.

Sarah is the ex-team-mate of Beth Taylor, who works at Cyclefit Store Street. And they know more than most what works in a women's squad to promote happiness and development.

Cyclefit Service-Course

So, it was an easy decision to throw open our doors to become their de-facto service-course.
Beth is currently undertaking a Cyclefit audit at Store Street on the whole squad. Riders will then be referred to Fire Station according what they need and degree of urgency using a traffic-light code - green, amber and red. Anyone unable to ride because of injury or training issues will be seen within a few days.

Oliver Brookwell 2

Picture by Oliver Brookwell

The Teams Meet

A couple of weeks ago on a cold night in November, we invited everyone associated with the team for an open house at Cyclefit Fire Station. It was a timely opportunity for the Cyclefit team to meet the Academy team, and explain how we work and how we maybe able to contribute to their success in the future.

What follows is a short photo-essay of the evening.


Julian leads a Cyclefit demo with Emma


Performance and function


The Post-It goals wall. Grass-roots stars -"start a race" or "finish a race" or "win a race"

"Results are great and trophies shine before they inevitably fade, but every rider improving and loving their riding, is a legacy"


Super-Grass-Roots Stars!

The Cyclefit Staff WhatsApp lit up after the event. Everyone essentially saying the same thing in our own ways - best expressed by the scientist and academic, Dr Jon Baker

"I found the goal-setting enlightening - super grassroots. That's not a negative by the way"

All of us are committed to helping the team and individuals progress and meet these goals. We will try to ensure they have everything they need. And it has already started. A few riders have been flagged as having ongoing issues that are blocking their improvement. Dr Jon, Nichola, Beth, Mick Habgood, and all of Team Cyclefit have mobilised behind them. We will report back through the season as to their progress.


Early doors in RP. London Academy ride out with Team Cyclefit

Staying In Touch

The Academy and Cyclefit Staff will ride out in Regent's Park on Friday at 7:00am sharp. We ride in a CW direction. There is one mechanic and one bike-fitter on every ride. It is our opportunity to spot and discuss issues. Please wave or jump in for a lap or two. But at the back please. You will see the riders and CF rotating in a disciplined way to talk about any ongoing problems and schedule time at Fire Station or Store Street.

Stay in touch with London Academy through their Instagram

And Cyclefit and Cyclefit Store Street Instagram

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