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"Static bodies don't say very much. Movement is everything because it speaks volumes about function and performance"

Cyclefit Dynamic Analysis

Static bodies don't say very much. Movement is everything because it speaks volumes about function and performance. This was our ground-breaking epiphany over twenty years ago and it still holds true today. Static bike-fitting based on morphological landmarks would only ever give you a fraction of the full picture.
In the two decades so much has changed in our Cyclefit studios in terms of evolving technology - our cameras are faster and sharper, we can map your pelvis pressure in real time - we can even see where your applying torque to the crank as you pedal. But fundamentally all this tech (as entertaining as it is) only has value if it helps us to help you perform better, at a higher level, in more comfort and crucially with more resilience to cycling forces and loads.


Jules measuring flexibility


And ranges of motion


Fit the foot first - the primary connection

The Cyclefit

In-Store Cyclefit (2-3 hours )

This is our gold-standard Cyclefit process, refined over twenty years. Jules or Phil will seek to observe, comment and correct as many of bike-fitting concerns and problems within the session. Your Cyclefit also serves as a baseline audit of where you are at that moment in time. Any changes in fitness, condition and injury etc, can be reviewed in the context of this original session. The Cyclefit session will include:

  • Interview - to establish comprehensive rider history and aspiration
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) - standing/prone symmetry evaluation, inseam measurement, single-leg squats, sacrum, hamstring / hip-flexion range of motion. We bring in other assessment tests based on injury history and riding goals
  • Foot control - custom footbeds, orthotics, cleat set-up, wedges, stacks are all discussed and utilised (orthotics will require a further appointment)
  • Assessment on infinitely Cyclefit Size-Cycle and prescribing of ideal position - expressed in XY metrics and infographic dimensions.
  • Coaching on ideal pedal-technique and cycling posture for greater performance and comfort
  • Post fit discussion: recording and recommendations. Occasional onward referral to our unrivalled Cyclefit network of professionals.

Two heads sometimes better than one - Jules & Phil & physio

Tfr1 2

Motion capture and highspeed cameras, see what the eye cannot.

Cyclefit Technology

  • Pedalling on our infinitely adjustable Fit Bike - key data points recorded and XY co-ordinates to determine frame size and bike set-up.
  • 4 x slow-motion camera Dartfish Motion Analysis throughout the session - used as a diagnostic and coaching tool for posture and technique. The human-eye operates at 16 frames per second - our high-speed cameras operate at 60 frames per second!
  • Pelvis/Saddle Pressure-Mapping - analyses interaction between pelvis and saddle - used as a diagnostic tool for optimal saddle choice and also as a coaching tool for technique and posture.
  • Spinscan Analysis - still the best ever accurate deconstruction of pedalling available. We use it to coach you in to good pedalling habits, and crucially, out of bad ones. Particularly valuable when working with a client post-injury

Phil and Jules with JaBig before his round-the-world ride

Pressure cfpage2

Pressure-Mapping technology - for saddle-choice & posture

Cyclefit Information

Once the Cyclefit session has concluded and all your files are completed, your personal information can be used to help your cycling career in many ways:

  • Set-up your existing bike (included in the Cyclefit session cost)
  • A permanent record of your ideal position - wherever you are in the world
  • We can use the X/Y data to design a custom frame for you
  • We can use the XY data to recommend a stock frame or bike for you
  • We can/will recommend shoes, orthotics, pedals, bars, stems, saddles, crank-lengths etc, to optimise and personalise your cycling experience
  • We will provide you with homework and advice to help you with your cycling efficiency and comfort - e.g. pedalling technique
  • A baseline to work from for additional Cyclefit sessions - Pressure-Mapping, Shoe and Cleat, TT, Cyclefit Follow-Up etc.
  • A Cyclefit is for one position - this can be: Road, MTB, TT/Aero, Cyclo-X, Commute etc.

£425.00 Cyclefit appointment with Philip Cavell or Julian Wall

£325.00 Cyclefit appointment with a Cyclefit Technician

"fundamentally all this tech only has value if it helps us to help you perform better"


Jules reviews Spinscan with Drops pro rider

Drops phil1 2

Phil reviews position & posture with Drops pro rider

In-store New Bike Fitting

We also offer an In-Store New Bike Fitting which as the name suggests, is a session, whose prime remit is to gather enough data to inform a stock bike/frame or even custom frame from Cyclefit. We will make recommendations in the session with respect to: posture, technique, pedal/shoe set-up, saddle-choice - but we will not implement corrective work at that time.

In-store New Bike Fitting - £250

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What our clients say

  • "Rode my standard Box Hill loop this morning with the temp shims and more thought to position. Felt more connected and compact on the bike. Fastest ride of the year, picked up close to a km/per hour despite crappy wet pot holed roads, a ton of traffic and a couple of nights out Thu/Fri."

    Matt H

    Seven Evergreen SL

  • "A very thorough, professional and personal service. I was keen to analyse my bike position after breaking my hip. The custom footbeds and alterations to my position feel really good, just wish I’d come sooner! Many thanks"


    Endurance MTB rider

  • "A great service, full of personal touches as well as the "harder" scientific analysis of my position on the bike, which was also excellent. I feel more planted on the bike now, and came away with some really useful feedback from the session."

    Ed H

    London Dynamo Rider

  • "I'm new to cycling so needed some support on finding a bike that would be right for me. Julian couldn't have been kinder or more supportive, he took time to find out what I wanted from my cycling and then looked closely at my physical structure to ensure that the bike is a comfortable fit for me. It really is a 5 star service and far exceeded my expectations."


    New Cyclist

  • "Hey Julian and Phil, I hope you are both well. I just completed a 21 hour week on my new 165mm cranks and I am in love. They feel so so great! Thank you for all your help. I’ve never felt so comfortable on my bike before. All the best, Hannah"

    Hannah Barnes

    National Champion / Professional Bike Rider