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Covid conundrum1

Cyclist Magazine No6 - The Covid Coundrum

3rd August 2022 · Posted by Philip Cavell

The Covid conundrum Is Covid-19 affecting athletes’ performance even after they have recovered? Phil Cavell examines the evidence

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Cyclist may22

Cyclist Magazine No5 - The Sleep Equation

18th July 2022 · Posted by Philip Cavell

The sleep equation - Health and fitness is a balance between training and recovery – sleep – but, as Phil Cavell discovers, most of us get our sums wrong

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Madone 231

Seventh Generation Trek Madone SLR

30th June 2022 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Seventh generation Madone is the fastest production race bike in the world.

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Cyclist apr

Cyclist Magazine No4 -You snooze, You Win!

29th June 2022 · Posted by Philip Cavell

As Phil Cavell discovers on his hunt for performance gains, it’s time we all woke up to the power of sleep - first in a 2-part series.

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Peg 1

Dario Pegoretti Officina visit

12th June 2022 · Posted by Julian Wall

A visit to the Dario Pegoretti Officina to meet the team and see where the wonderful frames are built and painted

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Cyclist mar 2

Cyclist Magazine Column No3 - One For The Road?

8th June 2022 · Posted by Philip Cavell

In his ongoing quest to sort fact from fiction for the 40-plus cyclist, Phil Cavell looks at the physical effects of alcohol.

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