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Green commute

The Green Commute Initiative

3rd September 2019 · Posted by Philip Cavell

The cycle to work scheme with no £1,000 limit. Which is helpful because great bikes start north of that number!

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Hexr Custom Helmets

22nd August 2019 · Posted by Philip Cavell

The world's first custom 3D printed helmet - 26% safer than a conventional foam helmet

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New Trek Domane SL & SLR 2020 bikes

24th July 2019 · Posted by Julian Wall

Trek’s best-selling road bike line gets a complete overhaul, entering its third generation with the fastest, most comfortable, and most versatile endurance bikes ever made the Domane SLR and Domane SL.

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Seven 622 XX Disc Road-Test

23rd July 2019 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Seven are world-leaders in titanium. So why dilute the message with carbon? Mixed materials or mixed messaging?

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Let’s gear it for the people

16th July 2019 · Posted by Julian Wall

Climbing mountains on a bicycle is tough but it can be made easier by customising the gearing on your bike.

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Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Stronger

28th June 2019 · Posted by Philip Cavell

A few months of heart testing for Phil's arrhythmia culminates in an uncomfortable ramp-test. What does it all mean?

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