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Mag seven2

The Magnificent Seven

19th January 2024 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Seven Cycles are the masters of understatement. Quietly magnificent.

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Other bikes

The Alt-Bike Universe

23rd December 2023 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Alt-bike Universe. Phil examines the principle that bikes can and should intrude upon more of our lives. And that will make us a happier people.

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Reform Custom-Moulded Saddle

7th December 2023 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Custom saddles have long been an unattainable holy grail of cycling performance and comfort. Until now...

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Oliver Brookwell 2

London Academy

23rd November 2023 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Cyclefit becomes Service-Course for London Academy Women's Cycling Team. How could we resist the squad mantra - 'happy head, happy legs!'

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Elite Cyclefit Package

4th October 2023 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Julian and Mick (podiatrist) lead our work with World Tour riders and teams. You too can book in for the same elite service.

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Ed Madone1

Madone SL Gen 7

4th October 2023 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Trek brings its shape-shifting superbike within reach of more speed-seekers with its Gen 7 Madone

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