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Nutrition Matrix2

Fuelling for success

26th May 2017 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Do you need a Fuelling Strategy as well as your power figures for Marmotte and Etape du Tour? or is it all nonsense? Former Pro rider and Medical Dietitian answers in this special Journal for Cyclefit

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The First Rule of Back Club - Take II Part II

17th May 2017 · Posted by Philip Cavell

The decision to submit to surgery is almost impossible if it is essentially elective. With declining function and increasing pain, the moment for Phil was made a touch easier. Here he writes a few days out of surgery.

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Ben Serotta is Back

4th May 2017 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Ben Serotta picks up a torch and The Torch again to build his own handmade bicycles. No longer the biggest builder of custom bikes on the planet, Ben is now the smallest. Just him and the best hands and brain in the bike industry. A true legend.

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Phil Cornering

The First Rule of Back Club

21st April 2017 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Phil breaks a two year self-imposed writing omerta on his back injury, on the eve of revision fusion surgery. He also comes up with his Top Ten Tips for anyone facing back surgery.

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Nutrition Old

Nutrition, training and ageing

17th April 2017 · Posted by Philip Cavell

There is very little data about how we should eat as we get older and train harder. Medical Dietitian and Elite racer Darren Barclay knows more about this subject than most

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Mavic Comete4

Can a pair of cycling shoes ever be worth £900?

15th April 2017 · Posted by Philip Cavell

As Mavic launches the Comète Ultimate shoe costing £900, we consider the value propoistion. Can any cycle shoe be worth £900? And if so is the Mavic Comète worth this rarified pricing?

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