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Axiom Sl

Seven Axiom SL versus Trek Domane SL

12th January 2017 · Posted by Philip Cavell

One isolates you from the road and the other isolates you from the bike.

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Jimmy Emonda

Emonda Domane Madone Trilemma

22nd December 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

How do you choose between Trek's three frame designs?

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5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Titanium Bike

22nd December 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

Question 1: What has buying a titanium bike got to do with the mystical charms of eating the Fugu (Japanese Puffer Fish)?

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Winter Seven

The Perfect Winter Bike

13th December 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

In these days of specialisation winter bikes have transcended junk-clunkers living out their baggy-arse days delivering a thoroughly mediocre experience to their disappointed owner.

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Cervelo R5 v's Trek Emonda SLR v's Phil's Back

18th October 2016 · Posted by Philip Cavell

It is three years since I hit a pothole and spun over the bars. I have tried everything to recover. I tell you this because I am almost entirely over not being able to ride a proper superbike up and down proper mountains.

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622 Molteni

Seven 622SLX Review

28th July 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

I would love to be able to say that I had bonded with our test 622 over thousands of miles in mixed terrain and various testing events. But that would be me 'mis-speaking' as MP's like to say or blatant lying as we know it.

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