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The First Rule of Back Club Part III

16th June 2017 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Phil's Journal five weeks post spine-fusion surgery. It is the first steps on a long road back. But for the first time in five years his spine appears to be straight.

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Nutrition Matrix2

Fuelling for success

26th May 2017 · Posted by Philip Cavell

Do you need a Fuelling Strategy as well as your power figures for Marmotte and Etape du Tour? or is it all nonsense? Former Pro rider and Medical Dietitian answers in this special Journal for Cyclefit

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The First Rule of Back Club - Take II Part II

17th May 2017 · Posted by Philip Cavell

The decision to submit to surgery is almost impossible if it is essentially elective. With declining function and increasing pain, the moment for Phil was made a touch easier. Here he writes a few days out of surgery.

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Nutrition Old

Nutrition, training and ageing

17th April 2017 · Posted by Philip Cavell

There is very little data about how we should eat as we get older and train harder. Medical Dietitian and Elite racer Darren Barclay knows more about this subject than most

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Jens Cake3

Avoid Eating to Appetite

6th February 2017 · Posted by Philip Cavell

The worst thing you can do for health and performance is 'Eat to Appetite' Medical Dietitian and Elite racer, Darren Barclay helps develop a Nutrition Strategy for the busy cyclist.

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Bm 2

In search of the perfect saddle

28th July 2016 · Posted by Julian Wall

Ahead of a sponsored bike ride from Manchester to London - and with a new saddle causing her all sorts of mischief - Helen Pidd went for a professional saddle fitting session. But is it worth £150?

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