2020 - Better in Hindsight

2020 for most of will be more palatable when it is firmly being viewed in our rear-view mirror - we review a bizarre year

Posted by Philip Cavell

2020 review4

2021 has a lot of ground to recover from the damage of 2020. A year to forget or remember?

2020 - But Not in Vision!

It is an extreme irony that a year called 2020 has represented such obfuscated vision for most of the world, most of the time. We will have to push into the future to make any sense of this challenging year with the benefit of hindsight. This time last year there were the first rumblings that there was a new disease emerging in China, that presented a theoretical risk, at some yet to be determined date in the future. It served most of us well to look at the news with a paparazzi-length, zoomed-out lens. We had our cards marked more than once by several of our friends and clients in the medical profession, who all seemed, in retrospect, to be entirely unrelaxed by the new disease's existence and prospect. There will be lessons to learn of course for all of us, as individuals, organisations and citizens. For right now that all seems to big to grapple with. As we move into 2021 we want to thank you for helping us at Cyclefit stay afloat and aloft through this most challenging time. We feel very fortunate to have been able to stay open through most of the crisis and even more fortunate that our clients have trusted us to build precious projects to help them with this stressful moment in time. And if there is one positive we will take away from 2020; it is the increased closeness that has grown, out of adversity and therefore necessity, between us at Cyclefit, our clients, and our great friends that have continued to produce spectacular bicycles in the most difficult of circumstances. This brief look back at 2020 is with all of you in mind.

We wish you a tranquil, positive and happy 2021 - Phil, Jules, Barna, Elsa

Jules lauren

Two of the last conventional sessions of 2020.

Phil n0pinz

Probably the last sessions where Cov-19 wasn't mentioned.

Seven corona2 2

Seven had the fundamentals right in March

Cov19 fitting 2

Cyclefitting became different and in truth difficult

Abc9 2

Jules goes to Portugal for an MTB stage-race in February 2020


Phil attends a Peg-Head dinner at Vermuteria in late 2019 to launch Pegoretti Round


The wind stopped and


the world emptied - Verona and Macklin Street pictured

IMG 1967 2

In contrast to the news - Spring 2020 was bizarrely .... Glorious. Phil tests a No22 Drifter in April

Emonda10 2

Jules was one of the first people in the UK to review the much awaited 2021 Trek Emonda SLR

Phil office

Running split teams at Cyclefit meant more time in newly

Shed2 1

constructed workspaces and new co-workers. Shed Life

Seven Stef arms length welding

Work barely stopped at Seven in Boston


or Pegoretti in Verona

22 cov2

N022 in upstate NY kept the lights on and machines whirring


FiftyOne and socially distanced frame-building

Passoni dec1

Passoni in Milan hardy missed a beat

Passoni dec2

sculpting titanium into a billet of art

Mxxxxxo100 2

Cov-19 forced us to change the way we communicate

Phil jules1

by producing bi-weekly Cyclefit News Clips

Ciavete 2

And the beautiful bikes kept flowing

Seven Axiom SL 2

from the finest workshops in the world.

Open1 2

And we have all kept riding! Andy and Gerard from Open

Frist snow after the ride Seven 2

Seven ride out in the first snow of 2020

Open mind CG1

Goodbye 2020. You will not be missed. Wishing all our clients a wonderful, tranquil and positive 2021!

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